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Bibliographic information: 

Literatura y cultura nacional en Hispanoamérica. Minneapolis: Institute foe the Study of Ideologies and Literatures, 1984.

Literatura y cultura nacional

en Hispanoamérica (1910-1940)

"The analysis of our cultural processes has fallen

in generalizations that place under the same label concepts that are articulated with different systems of thought (eg Nationalism / Americanism). The work of Mabel Moraña, Literatura y cultura nacional en Hispanoamérica (1910-1940), opens an important path for a thorough understanding of Hispanic-American cultural discourses during the first decades of the twentieth century. This book delineates the contradictory ideological projects to which certain notions can be articulated, which allows us to account for their complexity beyond simplifying schemes.

– Raquel Rivas Rojas

Universidad Simón Bolívar

Autora de Bulla y buchiplumeo. Masificación cultural y recepción letrada en la Venezuela gomecista (2002)

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