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from international conferences and events

South by Midwest Series

This series, sponsored by Washington University in St. Louis and Iberoamericana Vervuert Verlag, presents individual or collective publications on Latin American politics, culture, and society, proposing itself as a platform for exchange and debate for international Latin Americanism. Theoretical studies, critical and historiographic approaches are favored, tending to incorporate perspectives from Cultural Studies, postcolonial studies, etc. to the study of Latin America.​

Etc. Essays on Cultural Theory / Ensayos de Teoria Cultural

The ETC series (Essays on Cultural Theory / Ensayos de Teoría Cultural) aims to open, both in English and Spanish, a space for debate that links the transformations of culture with the processes that mark social change in Latin America. It seeks to incorporate into the study of the symbolic production of the region new theoretical approaches from cultural, transatlantic, and postcolonial studies, favoring comparative and transdisciplinary approaches. In its first installment, the book by Carlos A. Jáuregui, Canibalia, Premio de Ensayo Casa de las Américas 2005 was presented.​ 

Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana (IILI)

1996- 2008: Director of Publications, IILI, in charge of publication of four annual issues of Revista Iberoamericana and five series of books: Biblioteca de América, Críticas, Nuevo Siglo, ACP, and Tres Ríos. 

ACP (in tribute to Antonio Cornejo Polar)

This series, dedicated to the memory of Antonio Cornejo Polar, presents collective volumes of updated critical evaluation of Latin America’s foremost authors and their work. 


These volumes, coordinated by guest editors, are dedicated to a rereading of the work of Latin American critics. The series currently includes titles examining the work of Ángel Rama, Roberto Fernández Retamar, Antonio Candido, Antonio Cornejo Polar, and Alfonso Reyes. Currently in preparation are: Andrés Bello (Coordinators: Beatriz González and Juan Poblete) and Gilberto Freyre (Coordinator: Joshua Lund).

Nuevo Siglo

Each volume in this series addresses the studies of a single author on subjects of Latin American literature and culture, from the colonial to the contemporary era. 

Tres Ríos

This series is devoted to the publication of symposia and conferences on Latin American subjects. The articles that comprise the series constitute exhaustive studies and illuminators on cultural, theoretical and critical aspects of contemporary Hispano-American culture.

Biblioteca de América

Dedicated to the publication of collective volumes on subjects of Literature and Latin American culture, from the colonial era to the present. This series was developed by Professor Keith McDuffie, as a confluence of the two previous publishing lines.


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