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Colonialidad y crítica en América Latina. Bases para un debate editado por Mabel Moraña y Carlos A. Jáuregui. Puebla: Universidad de las Américas Puebla, 2007.

Colonialidad y crítica

en América Latina. Bases para un debate

In the last fifteen years, literary and cultural Latin Americanism has undergone profound transformations, based on the challenge launched by cultural studies. This meant the opening of the literary canon of the continent, as well as a systematic reflection of cultural, artistic and media discourses previously ignored by critics. The challenge of cultural studies has gone unnoticed in many circles in Mexico, despite the fact that some of its central figures produce and write from the country. This volume makes accessible to the Mexican reader texts of cultural studies that, until now, have been published in magazines from different countries, as well as a set of unpublished texts, in order to offer a panoramic view of the debate that has changed the way of understand our region. In this way, articles are compiled that summarize some of the central dimensions, novel theoretical proposals in full exploration and reflecting canonical literary texts from the new approaches. 

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