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Políticas de la escritura en América Latina. De la Colonia a la Modernidad. Caracas: Ediciones eXcultura, 1997.

Políticas de la escritura en América Latina

De la Colonia a la Modernidad

The reflections on Latin American writing contained in Políticas de la escritura en América Latina manage to account, with particular richness, of the aesthetic-ideological processes of Spanish America in an arc that goes from colonial times to Modernity. In fact, it is a reading that seeks to account not only for nuestra América but also for the voice that subverts the authoritarianism of the letter and the letrado. Moraña also carries out a socio-historical reading that implies a critique of culture, a critique of what has been the fetishization of literary work at the hands of a certain reading tradition. She is reading against the grain, then, reading against the simplification of the critical task and against the Eurocentric gaze of our culture.


The first words that come to mind when reading Mabel Moraña's essays are rigor and lucidity. Organized in three parts, Políticas de la escritura en América Latina designs a territory where writing and thought come together to build different aspects of the Hispanic-American imaginary. It is not a reading outside of history, on the contrary, its critical project integrates the reading of tradition into the present. Or, in other words, her critical project attempts to account for the current debate through an agenda that involves the revision of some of the past and present texts that make up the life and culture of nuestra América. 

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