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Bibliographic information: 

Indigenismo hacia el fin del milenio. Homenaje a Antonio Cornejo Polar. Pittsburgh: Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, 1998.

Indigenismo hacia el fin del milenio

Homenaje a Antonio Cornejo Polar

"The very title of the volume alludes to a crucial problem that runs through practically all of Cornejo Polar's reflection: indigenismo and its multifaceted relationships with the conflictive reality of Peru, the Andean area and all of Latin America. The studies that make up this valuable volume of homage establish a dialogue, explicit or implicit, buried or discovered, from very different perspectives and perspectives, with the notable contributions of Antonio Cornejo Polar on the phenomenon of indigenism, but also with the theoretical conceptualizations that he derived from his constant revisitation of the indigenista discourse."



– Carlos García Bedoya M.

Universidad Nacional de San Marcos

Author of Indagaciones heterogéneas (2012)

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