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Ideologías y literatura. Homenaje a Hernán Vidal editado por Mabel Moraña y Javier Campos. Pittsburgh: Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, 2006.

Ideologías y literatura

Homenaje a Hernán Vidal

The study of the multiple articulations that link literary and cultural production with the field of ideologies constitutes, especially in the case of Latin America, one of the crucial angles of exploration and analysis. This book, which pays tribute to one of the most important representatives of this critical orientation, brings together articles on literature, culture and politics in different contexts of Spain, Latin America and Brazil. From the Andean case of the Canto general, from Mariátegui to Che Guevara, from women's literature to theories about the "end of history," this book presents provocative and theoretically updated proposals that are central to contemporary Latin Americanism. They will be essential for all those dedicated to the study of the relationship between culture and human rights, testimony, cultural hybridity, modernity, miscegenation, national cultures, social identity, collective memory and literary historiography.

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