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El salto de Minerva. Intelectuales, género y Estado en América Latina edited by Mabel Moraña and María Rosa Olivera-Williams. Madrid: Iberoamericana - Vervuert, 2005.

El salto de Minerva

Intelectuales, género y Estado en América Latina

This book focuses, from transdisciplinary perspectives, on the literary production of women writers in which the intellectual and creative role intersect with the reformulations of gender and with the reflection on the processes of institutionalization of political and cultural power in the region. Likewise, the book includes studies on cultural practices related to the discourse of science, journalism, political action, and so on. Due to its critical rigor and its theoretical updating, as well as due to the wide spectrum of problems, themes and rhetorics that these texts present, El salto de Minerva is an essential start point that is actively inserted in current debates on the transformation of collective subjectivities, modernity, coloniality and globalization, claiming analytical perspectives that take into account the particularities of the process of political change and cultural hybridization in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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