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Liquid Borders.

Migration as Resistance.

Liquid Borders provides a timely and critical analysis of large-scale migration across borders, which has brought about major transformations in the world order in recent years.


In this book, internationally recognized academics and activists from a wide variety of fields explore key issues related to diasporic movements, displacement, exiles, "illegal" migrants, border crossings, deportations, maritime enterprises, and the militarization of borders from the political, economic and social point of view. Of ambitious scope, with cases that extend from the Mediterranean to Australia, the border between the United States and Mexico, Venezuela and deterritorialized sectors in Colombia and Central America, the various contributions are unified around the notion of freedom of movement and the recognition of the need to think differently about the notions of citizenship and sovereignty.


Liquid Borders will be of interest to politicians and researchers in the humanities, sociology, area studies, politics, international relations, geography and, of course, migration and border studies.

Bibliographic information: 

Liquid Borders. Migration as Resistance. London: Routledge, 2021. 

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