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Sujeto, descolonización y transmodernidad. Madrid/Frankfurt: Iberoamericana - Vervuert, 2018. 

Sujeto, descolonización y transmodernidad

Debates filosóficos latinoamericanos

Starting from a plural approach to subjects, modernity and decolonization, this volume offers an essential reflection on powerful aspects of our time: how to redefine the notion of the subject in the face of globalization processes, which include migratory dynamics, phantom flows of real and symbolic capital and proliferation of virtual worlds? From what principles is the relationship between contingency and universality, ethics and politics, culture and the market negotiated? What is the scope of decolonization projects in a world marked by the disappearance of utopia? What new forms of hegemony and subalterity does the new global (dis)order confront us with? Finally, what is the place of Latin America in the post- or trans- national space? Recognized scholars deliver in this book fundamental elaborations for the understanding of these questions, in which a good part of the philosophical thought of our time is summarized.

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