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Dimensiones del latinoamericanismo. Madrid: Iberoamericana - Vervuert, 2018. 

Dimensiones del latinoamericanismo

Among others, the topics of memory, testimonialism, migration, magical realism, decolonization, comics, "new cinema" and identity, receive a new treatment in this book, which incorporates critical and theoretical angles that allow to rethink problems already present and visualize aspects that were not thought in the always open corpus of contemporary Latin Americanism. Such approaches include deep reflections on symbolic representation, comparative exercises, and ideological analyzes that energize this field of studies and mark the academic and intellectual routes currently being followed in literary and cultural studies. These articles will undoubtedly constitute a mandatory reference on these topics, as well as an example of trans-disciplinary methodologies that inscribe Latin American studies in larger contexts, such as those of world literature, globalization and social


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