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Mabel Moraña

William H. Gass Professor of Arts and Sciences
Professor of the Romance Languages and Literatures Department
Director of the Latin American Studies Program
at Washington University in Saint Louis


Recent publications

with Anthem Press (London)

"Nosotros, los bárbaros". Tres escritores mexicanos en el siglo XXI

with editorial Bonilla Artigas (Mexico)

Recent Interview


Mabel Moraña (Montevideo) holds the William H. Gass Chair of Humanities at Washington University in Saint Louis, where she teaches courses on a wide variety of topics, from Colonial Studies to the present, focusing on the Baroque, Nationality and Modernity, She is a specialist in Cultural Criticism and Theory, Contemporary Latin American narrative, Postcolonial Studies, intellectual history, gender and violence, among others topics.


Moraña is the author of more than twenty books, some of them are Pensar el cuerpo (2021), Líneas de fuga (2021), Arguedas / Vargas Llosa. Dilemmas and Assemblages (2016), The Monster as War Machine (2018), Crítica impura (2004), Viaje al silencio (1998), among many others.


She has edited and co-edited more than thirty books, including Liquid Borders (2021), Coloniality at Large. Latin America and the Postcolonial Debate with Enrique Dussel and Carlos A. Jauregu (2008), Ideologies of Hispanism (2005), El salto de Minerva with María Rosa Olivera-Williams (2006), El arte de la ironía. Carlos Monsiváis ante la crítica with Ignacio Sánchez Prado(2007), Ángel Rama y los estudios culturales (1997), and so on.


She has given conferences and interviews at many institutions such as the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Harvard University, the Universidad Andina Simón Bolivar in Quito and the University of California in Santa Cruz. She lectured numerous times in France, Spain, South Korea, Canada, Latin America, and the United States, and has been a keynote speaker at many national and international conferences.

Banner illustration: Jorge Eielson (1961)

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