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Bibliographic information: 

Relecturas del Barroco de Indias. Hanover: Ediciones del Norte, 1994.

Relecturas del Barroco de Indias

In recent years there has been an incisive reformulation of critical-historiographic studies in several important areas of Latin American literature; singularly in the clarification of colonial literature, it would suffice to mention in this regard the remarkable refinement in the reading of the Crónicas and in the artistic and social interpretation of the Barroco, enriched with insightful debates about the function and values ​​of the literature of this sign in American lands. Relecturas del Barroco de Indias gives reason for these discussions, but advances the option of understanding the ambiguity and even the contradictions of a discourse that assumes both the imperial representation and the expression of the criollo conscience, in opposition to that power and prefigured by protonational collectives. Mabel Moraña has achieved the difficult success of accounting, through collaborations with top-ranking academics, both of the diversity of hermeneutical alternatives on the subject, and of the unity of perspectives that recognize the profound heterogeneity of a literary movement that due to its own characteristics it is capable of generating multivocal and illuminating speeches.


Relecturas del Barroco de Indias constitutes an unavoidable milestone in the reflection on our literature and on the always exciting adventure of Latin American culture and society.

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