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Fronteras de la modernidad en América Latina edited by Mabel Moraña and Hermann Herlinghaus. Pittsburgh: Instituto Internacional de Literatura Latinoamericana, 2003.

Fronteras de la modernidad

en América Latina

Fronteras de la modernidad designates the conceptual and historian space that gathered, at the III International Congress of Cultural Studies of the University of Pittsburgh, held in March 2002, a great diversity of researchers who have come to reformulate the premises of Latin American Studies, the humanities and social sciences in recent decades. A particular feature, common to these debates, is the articulation of strategies for decolonization of the thought of modernity, carried out without expelling this concept from the theoretical horizon. The most innovative critical positions today claim the epistemological independence of what used to be called Latin American "periphery," using the metaphors of border and margin to develop theoretical projects located beyond –or further– the normative dichotomies of modernity. A thorough search that faces the acute crises produced by advanced globalization through a constant critical probe of its analytical and hermeneutical tools.

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