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Marcha y América Latina editado por Mabel Moraña y Horacio Machín. Pittsburgh: Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, 2003.

Filosofía y crítica en América Latina

De Mariátegui a Sloterdijk

"As Mabel Moraña points out [in the Introduction] 'to critically review the legacy of Marcha is much more than an academic exercise.' Implicitly or explicitly, the works collected in this volume face the challenge offered by their own object of reflection: to find out what part of the cultural legacy of Marcha is useful for the present. This challenge is what prevents here separating the cultural analysis from the interpretation / understanding, and in turn, this analysis, from the change of national, international and transnational coordinates. Any scholar who tries to explore the legacy and / or cultural significance of Marcha ends up speaking, almost without intending to, of his or her own experience. It is the lively questions that the experience of Marcha still poses to our perception of contemporaries today that, implicitly or explicitly, intersect the ideas in this volume."

– Horacio Machín

 University of Minnesota

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