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La escritura del límite. Madrid: Iberoamericana / Vervuert, 2010. 

La escritura del límite

The notion of limit –epistemological, cultural, ideological– articulates in this book an extensive and detailed reflection on issues related to Latin American literature and culture, from the Colonial period to the present day. What masters does the limit serve? How are class, race and gender boundaries transgressed in (post) colonial societies? How does the notion of limit, the configuration of subjectivities, collective memory and historical imagination impact on each other? Continuing a reflection already advanced in previous books, La escritura del límite takes us into issues about the representation of otherness, the aesthetic / political relationship, the textualization of violence, multiculturalism, colonialism and the critique of modernity, from a critical-theoretical perspective that dialogues with current debates, challenging and expanding their bases and adding fundamental points to the critical agenda of Latin Americanism.

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