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Arguedas/Vargas Llosa. Dilemas y ensamblajes. Madrid/Frankfurt/Lima: Iberoamericana - Vervuert, 2013.

Arguedas/Vargas Llosa

Dilemas y ensamblajes

Through a detailed analysis of the work of the two great Peruvian authors, this book penetrates the winding routes of Andean modernity, analyzing well differentiated aesthetic-ideological models and yet, in some aspects, also convergent, of symbolic representation.


Using up-to-date theoretical approaches, this study elaborates the notions of archaism, otherness, and melodrama, dwelling sharply on central debates in the literary and cultural history of Latin America around the issues of language, the role of the intellectual, and the link between politics and culture. In dialogue with Postcolonial Theory, although strongly rooted in the cultural and political history of our time, the dilemmas and assemblages studied in this work constitute a suggestive and provocative critical intervention that will, for sure, leave its mark.

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