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El lenguaje de las emociones. Afecto y cultura en América Latina editado por Mabel Moraña e Ignacio M. Sánchez Prado. Madrid: Iberoamericana - Vervuert, 2012

El lenguaje de las emociones

Afecto y cultura en América Latina

Affects and emotions has emerged as one of the new interpretive quadrants of literature, culture and society. This book summons a select group of academics and cultural critics to analyze the "affective turn" in Latin America. Their essays offer a reflection on the multiple spaces of operation of the "language of emotions," from narrative, cinema and poetry to musical aesthetics, political discourse and the dynamics of consumption. Thus, affect is studied as an alternative epistemic vehicle to instrumental rationality, as a distinctive feature of modernity and as a challenge and supplement to capitalist productivity. El lenguaje de las emociones offers a broad theoretical and critical reflection on ethical, aesthetic and representational aspects linked to the subject of affect, as it is manifested in the myths of nationalism, in the construction of gender, in the experience of sexuality, in the construction of memory, in the experience of exile and in the invisible framework of the public sphere. This volume is a mandatory reference to to contextualize these issues within the debates of contemporary cultural criticism and to promote a reading in the light of the "melancholic identities" of Latin America.

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