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Heridas abiertas

Biopolítica y representación en América Latina

Biopolitics names the moment of break and inflection in which knowledge, power and action converge and materialize on the social body. It thus defines their forms of existence and the place that the individual and the community will occupy beyond their singularity, as components of wholes that we designate with the names of population, crowd, citizenship, mass, conceptual spaces that generate meaning and collective energy. However, society is not only a space of confluence, but also of conflict. It is precisely towards the theorization of social antagonisms, their legitimizing discourses and the struggles for epidemic, economic, political and social hegemony, where the debates on life and the State are directed. The volume links the philosophical theme of biopolitics to the social, cultural and economic reality of Latin America, relating this concept to the notions of sovereignty, (post) coloniality, eugenics, trauma, resistance, identity / otherness, discipline and power. Heridas abiertas thus constitutes an inescapable contribution to the study of national cultures, peripheral modernity and the material and symbolic transformations that are registered in Latin American societies from their origins to the present day.

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Heridas abiertas. Biopolítica y representación en América Latina editado por Mabel Moraña e Ignacio M. Sánchez Prado. Madrid: Iberoamericana - Vervuert, 2014.

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