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Para una crítica de la modernidad capitalista. Dominación y resistencia en Bolívar Echeverría. Quito: Corporación Editora Nacional, UASB, Equilibrista, 2014.

Para una crítica de la modernidad capitalista

Dominación y resistencia en Bolívar Echeverría

How to think about the alternative of a non-capitalist modernity? From what philosophical and political perspectives can the hegemony of globalization be faced? How to theorize violence, Americanization, inequality? What has it meant to build from the ideology of miscegenation, of "whiteness" and the universe of merchandise? The multifaceted work of Bolívar Echeverría addresses these questions from the perspectives of neo-Marxism and critical theory, dialoguing with the most important thinkers of our time and articulating in an exemplary way aesthetics and politics, scholarship and direct experience of culture in various countries of the Western world. His theoretical perspectives inaugurates a reflection in a new light on the State, art, popular resistance, ethnicity and many other essential issues of current thought. The interdisciplinary studies that make up this book, coming from renowned international academics, critically analyze various aspects of Echeverría's work, establishing dialogues and debates that contribute to placing the thought of the now classic philosopher of culture at the very heart of contemporary problems.

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