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Democracia, otredad y melancolía. Roger Bartra ante la crítica editado por Mabel Moraña e Ignacio M. Sánchez Prado. México: Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2015.

Democracia, otredad y melancolía

Roger Bartra ante la crítica

He started from political sociology, critically moved to contemporary German philosophy and the anthropology of the symbolic, examined the history of ideologies and, more recently, has dealt with the vast reciprocity between brain and consciousness. Roger Bartra's thought runs through the entirety of anthropological thought, linking it with other sources of knowledge, be it art or history.


Bartra has dealt with peasant movements, with Marxism as an ideology, with the link between democracy and capitalism, with the dilemmas of the left, right and populism, with neoliberalism and social democracy, with otherness in symbolic representations, in addition to analyzing the processes of globalization and the epistemic device that it calls exocerebro, among numerous topics.


Focusing on key aspects of his thinking and showing the great variety of problems that have arisen in his reflections, this volume brings together thirteen essays that examine the repercussions that Bartra's ideas have generated in the social sciences, beyond ideological conventionalisms, but in its proper dimension: as the work of one of the most outstanding Mexican thinkers of the last decades.

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