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Precariedades, exclusiones y emergencias

Necropolítica y sociedad civil en América Latina

This book is conceived and built as an indispensable place of interpretation in the face of the devastating effects generated by the gloomy and overwhelming passage of neoliberal necropolitics and the expansion of spaces and levels of economic, social and symbolic precariousness. However, it also interprets the emergence of actors, as well as new forms of social resistance that predefine the traditional frameworks of politics and the political. Precariousness and exclusion affect youth, ethnic and gender territories registered in scenes of violence, drug trafficking, forced disappearances and institutionalized death. The analysis of these processes in Latin America forms the core aspect of the works that make up this book.

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Precariedades, exclusiones y emergencias. Necropolítica y sociedad civil en América Latina editado por Mabel Moraña y José Manuel Valenzuela Arce. México: Gedisa 2017.

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