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Inscripciones críticas. Estudios sobre cultura latinoamericana. Santiago de Chile: Editorial Cuarto Propio, 2014.

Inscripciones críticas

Ensayos sobre cultura latinoamericana

How does the universe of the visual dialogue with the other forms of symbolic representation in the different periods of Latin American history? What tensions are running through the professional field of Literary and Cultural Studies today? Can we speak of post-humanism in Latin America? How does globalization affect knowledge production processes, cultural policies at the national level, the interdisciplinary connections, the transnationalized field of Latin Americanism? How to promote an "ecology of knowledge" in multicultural societies? Divided into three parts that interact at a critical and theoretical level (I. Imaginarios visuales, II. Literatura y estudios de área en un mundo global and III. Saber/Poder/Vivir en América Latina) this book tries to approach these and other topics that occupy in the present the cultural reflection from / on Latin America: (post) modernity, otherness, public art, biopolitics, melancholy, violence. Thus, aesthetic, political, ideological and social dimensions are articulated, from the perspective of current debates that allow the critic to be inscribed in a new light and rigorously review its tasks, its methodology and its historical meaning.

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