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Churata postcolonial. Lima: Centro de Estudios Literarios Antonio Cornejo Polar y Latinoamericana Editores, 2015.

Churata postcolonial

The still overlooked work of Gamaliel Churata, author, among other things, of El pez de oro and Resurrección de los muertos constitutes a challenge for Latin American thought. Still considered almost as a cult author, Churata is projected from the horizons of his time towards the cultural, political and social problems of our time. This book interrogates the work of this anomalous, provocative and palimpsestic writer based on some of the axes of postcolonial thought. It thus establishes a fruitful dialogue with Churata through the ideas of authors such as Antonio Cornejo Polar, Aníbal Quijano, Pablo González Casanova, Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Ernesto Laclau, and others, on topics such as the formation of collective identities, the conception of the national-popular subject, the intersections between Marxism, indigenismo and avant-garde, Americanism and humanism, and the relations between myth and nation, belief and history. This study constitutes, therefore, a tour de force destined to animate the debates on this ex-centric and essential representative of the Andean culture. Along with the exploration of texts and contexts, Moraña's work offers as an Appendix 30 incisive "Vías de acceso al pensamiento de Gamaliel Churata." As the author of this provocative analysis points out, postcolonial Churata "parte de una convicción inamovible: Churata no está atrás de nosotros, sino adelante. Nuestro trabajo es caminar a su paso y ver si puede caminar al nuestro."

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